Downtown Storage Unit Sizes

Downtown Location
410 – 412 South First Street, McGehee, AR

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Unit Size Selections
Use the following guide to determine which size unit you need. We have one that’s just right for you!

Unit Size Square Feet Size Of Holds
5x12 50 small closet boxes, small items , etc.
6x10 60 small closet store boxes, small items, etc.
6x12 72 closet boxes, tools, files, etc.
10x12 120 half of a one-car garage small house of furniture, etc.
10x15 150 small garage store furniture, appliances, boxes, files, etc.
10x30 300 extra large, single garage, front & back door small vehicle, boat, trailer, etc.
12x20 240 large, single car garage house of furniture, appliances, boxes, etc.
12x24 288 large, single car garage furniture, office files, boxes, etc.